R User Group Sponsorship Form

To apply for your 2015 R User Group Sponsorship from Revolution Analytics, please fill out the form below. Please choose a sponsorship level according to the size of your group, and note the deadline for submissions:

Sponsorship Level Qualifications  Application Deadline Sponsorship Grant ($USD)
Vector Just getting started
September 30, 2015 $120
Matrix Smaller but established

March 31, 2015

Array Larger groups

March 31, 2015



Please complete the form below. All fields are required.

The green section is specific to your R user group. The group website must include enough information for a prospective member to find and join the group. A group page on meetup.com is preferred. We'll use the information at your group webpage to verify that your group qualifies for the level of sponsorship selected.

The yellow section is the contact information for the Group Organizer. 
The group organizer will be the contact for all group business, and will receive the grant and user group package from Revolution Analytics.

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