Download the Presentation & Replay of the Webinar: Successful Uses of R (along with SAS and Excel) in Banking: A Look at Mortgages, Loan Portfolios and Probabilities of Default

Hong Ooi’s analysis supports bottom line-impacting decisions made a wide spectrum of groups at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ). He has broad experience with both SAS and R, and depends on R for the bulk of his analysis. In this webinar, he will discuss his challenges, how he’s using R along with SAS and Excel to overcome them in areas such as:

  • Fitting models for mortgage loss given default,
  • Monte Carlo application for stress-testing loan portfolios (in combination with SAS and Excel, which was used to enable access to the model for business users),
  • Framework for calculating through-the-[economic]-cycle probabilities of default.

Hong will share some of the clever ways he’s using R to achieve innovation and improved performance. He will also talk about some of the challenges involved in getting R accepted in a conservative financial institution workplace.

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