Download the white paper: Deploying Advanced Analytics Using R & PMML
by Richard Kittler

The numbers are already astonishing, and they’re only getting bigger:

eBay already processes 80 terabytes of data per day. Google processes one terabyte every hour. Wal-Mart processes one million transactions per hour and the New York Stock Exchange generates one terabyte of new trading data daily.[1]

Cisco now projects that over the next three years, global Internet traffic will more than quadruple to 767 exabytes. By 2014, nearly 90 percent of the world’s IP traffic will be generated by consumers,[2] creating an immense new universe of data that can be converted into highly valuable information and insight.

The idea of allowing all of that ripe juicy data to just sit around in data warehouses until it rots with age is unconscionable. It’s also wasteful, especially when you consider the sheer potential monetary value of the various forms of actionable intelligence (business intelligence, customer intelligence, supply chain intelligence, etc.)  that can be harvested effectively from “big data.”

[1] Matthew Aslett, Senior Analyst, The 451 Group

[2] Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Forecast, 2009-2014

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