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With data analysis showing up in domains as varied as baseball, evidence-based medicine, predicting recidivism and child support lapses, judging wine quality, credit scoring, supermarket scanner data analysis, and “genius” recommendation engines, “business analytics” is part of the zeitgeist.  This is a good moment for actuaries to remember that their discipline is arguably the first – and a quarter of a millennium old – example of business analytics at work.  Today, the widespread availability of sophisticated open-source statistical computing and data visualization environments provides  the actuarial profession with an unprecedented opportunity to deepen its expertise as well as broaden its horizons, living up to its potential as a profession of creative and flexible data scientists. 

This session will include an overview of the R statistical computing environment as well as a sequence of brief case studies of actuarial analyses in R.  Case studies will include examples from loss distribution analysis, ratemaking, loss reserving, and predictive modeling.

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