Break through R's Memory Barrier with Revolution R Enterprise

Revolution Analytics is taking the popular R statistics language to unprecedented new levels of capacity and performance for analyzing very large data sets. For the first time, R users can process, visualize and model terabyte-class data sets in a fraction of the time of legacy products—without employing expensive or specialized hardware.

Revolution R Enterprise now provides a new framework for fast and efficient multi-core processing of large data sets, including:

  • The XDF file format, a new binary ‘Big Data’ file format with an interface to the R language that provides high-speed access to arbitrary rows, blocks and columns of data.
  • A collection of widely-used statistical algorithms optimized for Big Data, including high-performance implementations of Summary Statistics, Linear Regression, Binomial Logistic Regression and Crosstabs — with more to be added in the near future.
  • Data Reading & Transformation Tools, which allow users to interactively explore and prepare large data sets for analysis.
  • Extensibility, expert R users can develop and extend their own statistical algorithms to take advantage of Revolution R Enterprise’s new speed and scalability capabilities.

These Big Data features are available for the Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms.

Big Data Benchmark Whitepaper
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