Download the webinar file and presentation PDF of "A Backstage Tour of ggplot2 with Hadley Wickham"

GGplot2 is one of R’s most popular, widely used packages, developed by Rice University’s Hadley Wickham. Ggplot2’s exploratory graphics capabilities are driving the use of R as a complement to legacy analytics tools such as SAS. SAS is well-regarded for its strength in data management and "production" statistics, where you know what you want to do and need to do it repeatedly. On the other hand, R is strong in data analysis and exploration in situations where figuring out what is needed is the biggest challenge. In this important way, SAS and R are strong companions.

This webinar provides an all-access pass to Hadley’s latest work.

  • A brief overview of ggplot2, and how it's different to other plotting systems
  • A sneak peek at some of the new features coming to the next version of ggplot2
  • What’s been learned about good development practices in the 5 years since first starting to develop ggplot
  • Some of the internals of ggplot2, and talk about how he is gradually making it easier for others to contribute

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